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Frequently Asked Questions

Learning More About Photoreflect?

How does all this work?
What are the hardware requirements?
What do the storefronts look like?
How do I know if Photoreflect is the right solution for my photography?
What is the set up process?
I am not located in the United States, will Photoreflect work for me?
What are the fees associated with Photoreflect?
I use DARKROOM software, how is Photoreflect different for me?

Getting Started?

When do I get paid?
Can I use a Photoreflect storefront on my own website and/or can I use my own URL?
How do I cancel my Photoreflect account?
I need more help, who can I talk to?

Print & Product Fulfillment

How can I insure the lab offers the high quality I demand and my customers deserve?
How long does it take for an order to be fulfilled and shipped?

Customer Queries

My customer is seeing a charge from Photoreflect on their credit card
My customer wants to cancel their order
My customer wants to return their order or wants a refund
My customer wants a partial refund (not 100%)
My customer’s purchase was printed with an issue, is broken or incorrect


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PhotoReflect will take you from amateur to pro with a click of a button.
Vickie Keene, Pictures by Vickie