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Terms and Conditions

I offer two facilities for potential buyers:
- order print;
- license image through digital downloads


To order prints select image (-es) you are interested in and push Quick Order or Order button in the top right corner of the screen and then proceed with choice of print size and other options. Please note that print sizes may differ from image to image to better fit an image actual proportions and composition. You can also contact me if you need a larger print size and I will do my best to meet your requirements at reasonable price. You can view a description of print packages pushing Details button. After you made your selection proceed with checkout. I will fulfill you order and ship prints to the address you specified within 48 to 72 hours after the payment is cleared by the bank / payment system.

Licensing images through Digital downloads

Digital download options are available the same way as the print packages, i.e. through selecting images and pressing Quick Order or Order button (press Digital button to view digital downloads options instead of print packages).
1. Photos on the site are priced based on single-use license. If you would like to get multiple-use license please contact me directly for respective price (usually 20-30% higher depending on intended use).
2. Through licensing of an image you do not purchase copyright of the image. You get the right to publish photo. The right is non-exclusive unless I make photos for you under the assignment or you make other arrangements with me (please contact me directly to discuss).
3. Images become available for download after the payment is done.
4. Standard set of available downloads include small resolution image for web-usage and 1280 pixel wide print-ready image (please read the first point above). If you need a higher resolution image please contact me directly for respective quotes those depend on intended use and required resolution.
5. In general you are responsible for liability of use. I can not warrant whether your final use of an image requires additional permissions. It is your sole responsibility to assure that the photo you are licensing is suitable for your intended use. Please also read special note on sport events photos available for licensing through this site.

Licensing of sport events photos

In addition to the conditions mentioned above the following terms are applicable to ALL sport events photos available for licensing through this site:
1. I supply EDITORIAL reproduction rights only for such photos.
2. Photos of organized sport may not be used for commercial, advertising or promotional purposes without the consent of organization, athletes, their agents and/or parents (if and where applicable) and me.
3. If you are using such photos commercially, it is your responsibility to secure permissions with athletes and companies (logos) involved. I do not sell commercial rights on sport events images.

Copyright and Disclaimer

Every photorgaph on this and every other Dmitry Argunov Photography web site is protected by Russian federal, US federal and international copyright laws. The fact they are published on the Internet does not mean they are public domain. These images are available for licensing as traditional rights protected (including editorial) stock phtography and they are the intellectual property of Dmitry Argunov.

You may not download any images without licensing. If you wish to obtain permission from Dmitry Argunov to use any image on this web site, please license it through a service of this site (please see details above). Thanks you.

WARNING: I vigorously protect my copyright interests. In the event that an infridgement is discovered you will be notified and invoiced the industry-standard TRIPLE FEE unauthorized usage and/or prosecuted for Copyright Infringement in Russia Federation Arbitration Court, US Federal Court or other applicable international court where you will be subject to a liability of up to US$100.000 statutory damages as well as my court costs and attorney's fees.

Information regarding illicit use of any of these images will be gratefully received. Please e-mail me.

Note: To aid in identification, images on the Dmitry Argunov Photography website are visually watermarked with the copyright notice - (c) Dmitry Argunov Photography, - or other watermark script.

I suppose thast you carefully read the text above and familiarized yourself with all terms and conditions of ordering prints and licensing images published at this website. These terms and conditions together with prints price, licensing fees amounts and image descriptions published at this website constitute a binding offer and are treated as an agreement valid from the legal point of view. Upon ordering a print or licensing an image from this web-site you unconditionally agree on these terms and conditions and accept this binding offer.