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Mike DiTrolio
455 Doe Run Lane Springfield, PA 19064
  • p: (610) 328-3456
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Thank you for your interest in our on-line photos and DVD's. If you are ordering a photo collage, you will be able to select the photos for the collage by clicking the favorites box under the photo. Please be sure to give us the custom information you want on the collage: name, dates, uniform numbers, award information etc. When ordering an individual and team photo ( memory mate) just choose the individual for your package. We know what team the individual goes with. In order to save your favorites you must login and create a customer account. When ordering DVD's the photo does not represent the actual photo of the DVD you will receive. We customize the DVD label for your event. If there is anything you see that you don't see specific package, please email us or call 610-328-3456 Any questions please email: