Lloyd Dennis Photography
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Thank you for your interest in our work.
We sincerely appreciate your support.

Important clarification about your purchase from this website

All the photography work we produce and offer here is considered intellectual property and as such is fully protected and governed by national and international copyright law.

When you order a print or prints from this web site, you are actually purchasing the right to display and/or store that image in the size of the copy you ordered. You may transfer this right by donating the original print(s) ordered to someone else. This right may not be sold and continues to exist only as long as you or they possess the original copy/copies. The price you pay does not include the right to scan, reprint, publish, email or otherwise duplicate, enlarge or distribute the image(s).

If you are interested in using an image we created in any publication, on the Internet or for other media purposes, the right to do so must be negotiated separately. Contact Lloyd Dennis by email at LD@LLOYDDENNIS.COM