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Welcome to PumpkinSeed Photography's online proofing site. If you have recently been photographed, you will find your images listed under your name or the event name. If a password is required or if you have questions, you may contact me (Alisha) at 910-234-1106 for more information. Once in your proofing catologue, with your own images, scroll through and pick out your favorites. Write this information down. Once you have a list of the portraits that you want to purchase with the size/quantity noted for each, CALL ME to place your order. No orders will be submitted without payment in full. All orders should be placed through me. Package information and pricing is listed under the "package" tab. You are welcome to mix & match your packages with different poses. The way in which this proofing site has listed the package information may be a bit confusing. Please don't hesitate to call me. I will be so very happy to assist you with ANY questions or concerns you may have! And remember, there are NO "stupid" questions!!! On behalf of PumpkinSeed Photography, I thank you SO very much for your business & pray that God blesses you and your family!! Alisha) at 910-234-1070 or 910-234-1106 for more information

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