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Hello! When viewing your proofs, please keep in mind that these are straight from the camera with no editing. With your purchase, images will be edited for color correctness as well as cropping and straightening. If you have any particular edits you would like made, please be sure to put something in the notes section the the time of checkout. Be sure to like our Facebook page and check out our website!  Thank you! Danyelle Harp


**Note: If images that have not been purchased are found screen-shotted and posted to social media or used on a website: your proofs will be pulled immediately and you will be required to pay a $150 fine prior to your proofs being re-posted. No exceptions.  All images are still owned by Magic Look and may not be used for other companies commercial use or be resold. If you would like to use an image for commercial uses such as a magazine cover, to submit for a contest, to provide to a company you represent, etc, please have them contact me directly to ensure quality and if any additional costs may apply for copyrights.