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COMPOSITES, COLLAGES, AND MONTAGES MUST BE ORDERED BY PHONE! *You need to get filenames of pictures you want on COLLAGES, COMPOSITES, MONTAGES for me. This info appears only once, so write it down now! 1. Click on picture thumbnail to make it big. Filename appears below photo (EXAMPLE - photo id: b1hilton2.jpg) 2. Write down these numbers and CALL ME 770-658-9796 OR EMAIL THEM TO ME include your phone number. Be sure to include text for design you want. 3. You can see samples of Collages, Composites, Montages, Enhancements - In " Events" column on home page to the right. "SAMPLES- COLLAGE- COMPOSITE- MONTAGE- ENHANCEMENT" *** * YMCA NATIONALS 2013 - Event Finals Session 2, There were 2 photographers, so two sets of images of your gymnast. KEEP LOOKING through that catalog for additional pictures!!!