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About Us

Echo Imagery

Nicole Marion
P. O. Box 514 La Veta, CO 81055
  • p: (303) 210-7758

Welcome! Thank you for visiting Echo Imagery. I am a self-taught photographer, shooting professionally since 2004. I suppose you could say I did have some training along the way from my best ever model and best “girly”, Echo. She and her handsome brother, Wile E., were (and still are) my inspiration and my reason for doing what I do. Just before the holiday season in 1995, I brought home my girly at a very young, playful eight weeks old. An Akita-German Shepherd mix, she came full of personality, and she was quite possibly the most beautiful, wonderful thing I had ever seen. I learned almost right away just how smart she was, too. She earned her name, "Echo", by continually repeating funny sounds and words she heard. She then learned how to reconstruct a house during a nine-hour work day. She was Momma’s girl, and she would make known her displeasure when Momma left her side for any length of time. Two years and three destroyed houses later, she would meet her new baby brother, Wile E. And then all was good in Echo’s world. You see, the two of them are partially related. They have the same Akita mommy. On the day they met, it was as if they had already been searching for each other. On Friday, July 2, 2010, we said good-bye to my girly. It was no doubt one of the most difficult things I’ve ever endured. She was three months away from her 15th birthday. Wile E. joined her on June 26, 2012. He was 15. I miss them so much. And so is born Echo Imagery, a small tribute to a one-of-a-kind dog. May her spirit forever “echo” in my work. Please come in, stay awhile and explore! I'm sure you'll find Echo and Wile E.'s inspiration in each image within.

Photographic Specializations Children, Community/School, Event, Landscape/Panoramic, Nature/Wildlife, Parties & Events, People/Lifestyle, Pets, Portrait, Travel.
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