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About Us

GS3 Art & Aesthetics

Georgio Sabino III
1162 Penny Street Columbus, OH 43201
  • p: (216) 256-7018

About: * GS3 Inc. is a multi-media design firm that individually designs personal sessions and packages for corporate, fashion and family photography, as well as original fashion designs, and other multi-media art for private and corporate collections. Unique Qualities: * GS3 Inc. engages a partner-focused, collaborative approach for those who employ the firm's services, working with a team of beauty, fashion and corporate image experts, to create results that are custom tailored for each individual, company or family. The Ohio-based artist and fashion photographer, Georgio Sabino, has worked with celebrities professional athletes, and prominent members of the political, religious and entertainment communities.


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GS3 Inc. is the Limited Liability Company (LLC) of Georgio Sabino III and associates, who provides multi-media arts design and instruction, as well as fashion photography, fashion design , film, and real estate. GS3 Inc. is a private sector Limited Liability Company (LLC) which, besides providing multi-media services through visual arts, fashion photography and fashion design, also promotes arts education directed towards minority youths, to encourage entrepreneurship and career choices in the arts.