PhotoReflect Professional Lab Services

We are passionate about delivering the highest quality prints and services to our PhotoReflect members.

Professional Prints


Professional color corrected RA4 prints on Luster surface. We print with Fujicolor Crystal Archive Super Type PD paper



Choose from several mounting options to enhance your prints with fine quality mounting.

Gallery Wraps


Not Inkjet. Our gallery canvas wraps are pressed from traditional photographic prints for a full, rich color that lasts.



1.5" thick mounted foam with black core creates a beautiful ready to hang print with no frame required.

Quality Printing

The PhotoReflect Lab offers professional archival paper engineered to last generations. Using a unique chemical process rather than inks or dyes, we create a truly "archival" product that contributes to the vibrancy and accuracy of the colors as well as the longevity of your photos. Our technicians have years of printing experience and color matching that is unsurpassed in the industry. Choose from more than 25 print sizes on either Luster or Metallic surface.

Premium Canvas Gallery Wraps

There are no inkjet Canvas Gallery wraps here. Our gallery canvas wraps are regular photographic prints from which we strip-off the back of the print before we press it into the canvas. This gives the printed image a full, rich texture and results in a distinctive high-quality canvas. The canvas is wrapped around stretcher bars, ready to hang, without the need for framing. Gallery Canvas wraps are available in 8 common sizes from 8x10 up to 24x30.

Surface Finishing and Spray Options

Surface Textures

Choosing a Surface Finishing option not only enhances a print, but also makes it virtually impossible to scan and duplicate. This offers additional copyright protection for the photographer. Available in Linen and Pebble.

LinenLinen texture applied to surface, most popular texture among smaller and larger prints
PebbleMedium pebble texture applied to surface of print, most common among larger prints

Finishing Sprays

Finishing sprays are an applied lacquer which offer an additional layer of protection and longevity to the print. Protecting the print from water damage or extensive UV exposure. Finishing sprays have been a standard for professional photographers for many years.

Our finishing sprays are added after the print is produced and are available in:

LusterA cross between matte and clear producing a semi-gloss finish.
MatteA flat protective finish which eliminates all glare and has no shine or gloss.
ClearA glossy type finish providing maximum snap and brilliance.

Mounting Options

PhotoReflect's experienced lab technicians give the finest quality look to your finished prints.

You choose from several available mounting surfaces:

Mounting Type Description Common Use
Dry Mount Board Triple-weight board, dry mounted and trimmed flush to board. Ready for framing, usually with glass front to protect from elements.
Styrene 2mm thick, black core plastic-type material. Ready for framing, not as susceptible to changes in humidity and temp.
Masonite 1/8" thick, hard surface flush mount. Harder wood-type surface, very durable. Ready for framing or standing on it's own.
Gatorboard 3/16" thick, foam core flush mount. Ready for framing or standing on it's own.
Canvas Image is printed on canvas, not stretched or mounted. Delivered in a tube. These prints are generally stretched by the photographer and then framed.
Canvas Masonite Canvas print is flush mounted on 1/8" thick hard surface. Ready for framing. Flat, stretched canvas look without the stretch. Durable and reliable.
Canvas Stretcher Canvas print is stretched and stapled to a wood frame Ready for framing and typically always framed as staples can be seen from the side.
Standout Mounts Thick black foam core 1.5" thick. Very light and easy to work with. Ready to hang with minimal hardware Typically stands on its own without framing.

maounting detail

Retouching Options

All retouching services are priced per image not per print. Our experienced retouch specialists take great care in preparing your photos.

Available Retouch Services:

Hand Color CorrectionColor correction for balanced skin tones.
Retouching - Single HeadSoften/remove bags under eyes, soften "crows feet" around eyes and neck lines.
Retouching - Multiple HeadsSoften/remove bags under eyes, soften "crows feet" around eyes and neck lines applied to more than one head in the image (usually applied to 2 to 4 subjects).
Stray Hair/Eye EnhancementRemove stray hairs from face and other areas. Brighten the whites of the eyes and enhance the catch light in the eyes (sharpening of the eyes).
Brace RemovalRemove braces and whiten the teeth.
Glasses Glare RemovalRemove the glare that may occur in glasses so that the eye is visible.
CD Archival (per order)Saving all of your retouched service images and sent back to you on CD for your future re-ordering.

Product Pricing

Common Prints



5x7 1.10 1.32
8x10 2.18 2.62
8x10 Express (Luster) 1.15 1.38
3.5x5 0.68 0.82
4x5 0.68 0.82
4x6 0.72 0.86
Wallets (set of 4) 1.10 1.32
Wallets (set of 8) 2.18 2.62
11x14 4.9 5.88
16x20 14.46 17.35
20x24 21.95 26.34
20x30 33.60 40.32

Square Prints



5x5 0.95 1.14
8x8 2.18 2.62
10x10 2.75 3.30
12x12 5.90 7.84
20x20 21.79 26.15
30x30 45.05 54.06

Other Print Sizes



8x12 3.63 4.36
9x12 3.75 4.50
10x13 3.80 4.56
10x15 4.50 5.40
16x24 21.20 25.44
20x30 28.20 33.84
24x36 45.05 54.06
30x40 45.05 54.06
30x45 52.80 63.36

Panoramic Prints



5x10 1.69 2.03
5x30 13.80 16.56
10x20 7.70 9.24
10x30 16.50 19.80

Gallery Wraps


8x10 Gallery Wrap 58.78
10x10 Gallery Wrap 60.23
10x20 Gallery Wrap 77.12
10x30 GalleryWrap 95.15
11x14 Gallery Wrap 72.46
16x16 Gallery Wrap 83.78
16x20 Gallery Wrap 95.28
16x24 Gallery Wrap 104.76
16x30 Gallery Wrap 124.34
20x20 Gallery Wrap 107.67
20x24 Gallery Wrap 115.76
20x30 Gallery Wrap 139.02
20x40 Gallery Wrap 170.95
24x24 Gallery Wrap 146.84
24x30 Gallery Wrap 162.01
24x36 Gallery Wrap 177.20
30x30 Gallery Wrap 181.45
30x40 Gallery Wrap 229.95

Correction and Retouch


Hand Color Correction 1.00
Retouching - Single Head 5.25
Retouching - Multiple Heads 15.50
Stray Hair/Eye Enhancement 13.00
Brace Removal 35.00
Glasses Glare Removal 13.00
CD Archival (per order) 3.50




5x5 0.11 0.11
5x7 0.14 0.14
8x8 0.24 0.24
8x10 0.24 0.24
8x12 0.45 0.45
9x12 0.45 0.45
10x10 0.39 0.39
10x13 0.45 0.45
10x15 0.72 0.72
10x20 0.82 0.82
11x14 0.45 0.45
16x20 1.32 1.32
16x24 2.19 2.19
20x20 2.19 2.19
20x24 2.19 2.19



5x5 0.53
5x7 0.63
5x10 0.91
5x30 2.28
8x8 0.86
8x10 0.86
8x12 1.63
9x12 1.63
10x10 1.06
10x13 1.63
10x15 1.73
10x20 1.87
10x30 2.90
11x14 1.63
16x20 2.28
16x24 2.76
20x20 2.67
20x24 2.76
20x30 3.19
24x30 5.84
24x36 6.95
30x30 6.95
30x40 6.95
30x45 6.95