Fulfilling an Order

You’ve just received a PhotoReflect order! Congratulations!

When a customer places an order on PhotoReflect it is the photographer’s responsibility to fulfill the order by utilizing the PhotoReflect Pro Lab to print and ship their images. Below are steps that will walk you through sending an order through your PhotoReflect Software to the PhotoReflect Pro Lab.

  1. Open your PhotoReflect software, log in and go into the ‘Orders’ tab.
  2. In the ‘Orders’ tab you will see any orders placed by your customers on your storefront. We suggest that you edit and proof your order to make any last minute corrections before sending the order to the PhotoReflect Pro Lab.
  3. Click on the order that you wish to send to the PhotoReflect Pro Lab and hit the button on the bottom right corner that says ‘Send & Print to Lab’. The status of your order will change showing the number of files being sent to the lab and their upload progress. (Please Note: You may be prompted for a credit card. If this is a web order the lab fees will be deducted from the order total, however, you must have a credit card on file to send the orders to the PhotoReflect Pro Lab.)
  4. When the order has been successfully transmitted to the PhotoReflect Pro Lab the order status will change to 'Sent to Lab'. (Please note: Standard sizes are processed and shipped within 48 hours. Specialty items such as gallery wraps and gifts can take longer to be printed and shipped.)
  5. Your order will be marked shipped automatically once your order has been fulfilled and shipped by the PhotoReflect Pro Lab which will notify PhotoReflect to pay you for your order.

If you have any questions, please email our PhotoReflect care team at   support@photoreflect.com.

Thank you for using PhotoReflect!