Order Fulfillment Status

After you send an order to your PhotoReflect Pro Lab your may want to check the status of your order.

The PhotoReflect Pro Lab and The PhotoReflect Gift Lab prints most standard sizes within 24 hours of the order being sent to the lab. Specialty items such as canvas wraps, standouts, and Desktop Organizers will take longer to fulfill. If you need to check the status of an order please email support@photoreflect.com with the order number and the PhotoReflect care team will respond back with the status of your order.

PhotoReflect Lab Order Tracking

To track an order sent to the PhotoReflect lab, simply enter the order id below and click the 'Get Tracking' button.

If you have any questions, please email our PhotoReflect care team at   support@photoreflect.com.

Thank you for using PhotoReflect!