Storefront Reports

The Reports Tab can generate a variety of reports to help confirm payment, assist your marketing outreach and maintain accurate tax records for your business.

To access this feature, login to your account at and select the Reports tab.

Use Payments reports to see payment status. Search by date range, payment status or specific order number to view these reports that show the breakdown of the order total and payment date.

View the Metrics reports to see data of your online traffic. This report shows how many people visited your events and how many were new to your store. If you have PhotoCards enabled, the Card count shows how many thumbnails were shared. You can also see the number of orders that were placed by event here.

The Orders report offers a general summary of orders by date range, including the breakdown of the order total and payment status. This report also helps you see the total revenue for a given date range.

View the Sales Tax report to see the total taxable amount and tax collected for a given date range. The Tax Detail report shows the same information, filtered by county.

Customer Information reports show name, contact information including shipping address, order number and date of ordering.

The Package Sales report helps you to see your sales sorted by product in a given date range.

The Event Sales report allows you to view your sales sorted by event in a given date range. This report shows you the subtotal of sales, but also what and how many packages were sold.

The Email, Event Email and Photo Email reports show customer data collected on our storefront.

You also have the ability to download any of these reports by clicking on the 'Export Report' button.

If you have any questions, please email our PhotoReflect care team at

Thank you for using PhotoReflect!