Understanding 'File Not Found'

You may find that after creating your events, upon re-opening the software, you see placeholders labeled 'File Not Found' instead of thumbnails of your images.

Seeing 'File not Found' in your event does not impact the event online, however you may wish to restore the event images to prevent delays when processing orders. You may resolve this issue in one of two ways.

Restore the file path:

  1. Confirm the path that the files were added from by selecting a placeholder in the event, right click, select Properties and note the file path information.
  2. Find the current location of the files and edit the path to match the original file path.
  3. Refresh your software by hitting F5 on your keyboard or close and re-open the software to reset the images.

Re-add the images from their new file path:

  1. If the event has been published, start by un-publishing the event.
  2. Select all the 'File Not Found' placeholders in the event and delete them.
  3. Add the photos to your event from their new location on your computer.
  4. Once the images have been added to your event you can republish.

Please note, that if your event has been published to your storefront and your images are now showing 'File Not Found' in your software this does not affect your customers ability to order images on your site. When you receive an order you will simply need to change the image path in the order if you are sending to a lab for fulfillment. Please review this support article for further instructions on replacing images in an order.

Update an order when files cannot be found

If you have any questions, please email our PhotoReflect care team at   support@photoreflect.com.

Thank you for using PhotoReflect!